Send SMS Online From Your Computer To Mobile Phones

Send SMS text messages online from your computer to mobile phones with SMSit. It's as easy as type, click and send and you are going to love the amazing easy to use features so you can send out SMS messages for reminders or bulk messaging fast.

Fast delivery to all Australian networks including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile.

SMSit offers loads of options including a Quick SMS Bookmark than you can quickly access from your browser, email to SMS, message templates (to make sending repeat messages easier), custom caller ID, easy to use contact book with recipient opt-out capability, keyword campaigns so you can run competitions, and even the ability to run a virtual number.

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Sending Text Messages Online Will Save You Time & Money

Send individual or bulk SMS messages to anyone from your computer. Just type the message, choose the recipient from your contact list and type the message. You can even send templates to make sending repeat text messages as simple as sending an email. You can even delay a message to be sent at a later time.

Perfect for sending messages to your customers for appointment reminders or promotions, to notify your staff on their work rosters or job orders, and great for sporting clubs to stay in touch with team. SMSit is the easy way to send SMS messages to anyone.

Here's a quick example of how SMSit works

Send SMS from your PC. Fast delivery, all networks


Stay in touch with your customers with SMSit Web SMS

A simple to install reminder widget that can be accessed from any website without logging in. Simply click the Send SMS link in your bookmarks toolbar, search for the name or number, choose a template and set your message schedule.

Send SMS for customer reminders, marketing & promotions

Mobile Phones

Stay in touch with your workforce with the Quick SMS Bookmark

SMS is a great platform to stay in touch with your team. You can send all types of text reminders including staff rosters, job allocation, etc and has many cost saving and organisational benefits increasing your overall productivity.

Notify your staff on their work rosters or job allocation with online SMS messaging

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Real time reporting so you have control

Get full access to delivery reports. Wide range of message reporting options available including the ability to export reports for future reference. We provide fully transparent delivery reports in close to real-time.

Send and confirm thousands of message deliveries in minutes

Send and confirm thousands of SMS deliveries in minutes

High performance online SMS gateway

SMSit runs multiple high speed connections to major tier 1 aggregators which allows us to send thousands of text messages per minute so you can be assured that your message gets delivered no matter whether you are sending 1 SMS message or 1000's of messages to all telco networks including Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Sending SMS messages online just got easier

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Try sending SMS messages online now

It's easy to join SMSit with instant sign up. All you need to join is a valid email address and a phone number. Make sure you read our terms and conditions and Spam Policy to be up to speed with all the required info.

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Who uses SMSit?

Here's just a handful of businesses that use SMSit

Here's just a handful of businesses that use SMSit