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If you need to send text messages from your computer to mobile phones, SMSit makes it as easy as type, click and send.

Whether you need to send individual text reminders or bulk SMS marketing campaigns, SMSit is a business grade messaging platform, that is easy to use and reliable – so you can be assured that your message gets delivered.

Fast SMS Delivery To All Australian Networks

SMSit options include a Quick SMS Bookmark than you can quickly access from your browser that lets you send out SMS notifications in an instant.

Other features include email to SMS, message templates (to make sending repeat messages easier), custom sender ID options, easy to use contact book with recipient opt-out capability so you are fully compliant with SMS marketing laws.

You can even run text message initiated competitions or setup SMS auto-responders, and have the ability to run a virtual number for 2 way SMS messaging.

Send Bulk Messages Or Reminders

Send SMS Reminders To Australian Mobile Phones

Send SMS Reminders & Notifications

Notify your customers of an order status with SMS reminders and integrate SMSit into your website with our SMS API.

  • Online Stores & Retailers
  • Pubs, Nightclubs & Sports Clubs
  • Schools & Government Departments
  • Managers, Secretaries & Business Owners

There are many ways that your business can send SMS reminders to increase productivity and sales.

Find out more about sending SMS reminders and how it can benefit your business.

SMS Reminders

Bulk Messaging For SMS Marketing

Send individual or bulk SMS messages to anyone from your computer. Just type the message, choose the recipient from your contact list and send.

  • Segment Marketing Lists
  • Deliver Personalised Targeted Messages
  • Opt-Out List
  • Receive Replies
  • Fully Compliant Bulk Messaging

Our Australian SMS gateway offers highly advanced load balancing and queue prioritisation to ensure fastest possible delivery.

SMSit runs only enterprise level server applications partnering with the most reliable names in the business to help us operate a smooth service with minimum downtime.

Send Bulk SMS Messages
Australian Bulk SMS Gateway
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