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Send SMS Message Campaigns to 1 or 1000's of Recipients - with ease

With competitive pricing and superior technology, SMSit offers loads of options for launching your SMS campaigns. Use our expertise to properly assess your audience and determine the most convenient way to send your messages.

  • Tier-1 Australian Based Messaging Gateway

    SMSit uses only enterprise level servers offering fully compliant SMS services for the Australian market.

Bulk SMS Message Gatewway

Every SMS campaign can be a personal and targeted communication

The SMSit platform allows businesses to send text messages online via an easy-to-use interface to blast thousands of SMS messages in an instant.

Send personalised SMS messages tailored for targeted audiences, enhancing engagement and customer satisfaction. Customise your sender ID with your brand name. Receive replies to your campaign including opt out capability. Schedule messages to be sent at a preffered time. Access SMS reports in real-time so you can track many aspects of your SMS campaign.

Easy to use bulk SMS messaging solutions

Send SMS from any Browser

Easy to Use Interface

We've made our SMS gateway as easy as can be; whilst providing awesome features!

Average delivery: 4.2 seconds

Advanced SMS Marketing

SMSit is packed with advanced options so you can send SMS just like bigger companies do.

2-Way SMS Messaging

2-Way SMS Messaging

Receive inbound replies to a dedicated virtual Number; your mobile phone; or email address.

Pay As You Go SMS

Pay As You Go SMS

No monthly fees. No contracts. Just top up your account with SMS credits as required.

Average SMS delivery: 4.2 seconds

Average delivery: 4.2 seconds

Fast and reliable SMS -24/7 with 99.9% up-time guarantee using tier-1 Aussie carriers.

All Aussie Networks

All Aussie Networks

Send SMS to all networks including Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone; including to over 50 countries.

SMS API for Developers

SMS API for Developers

Integrate SMS into your website or application with our SMS REST API. Complete code snippets avail.

Send SMS from any Browser

Send SMS from any Browser

Send SMS from your computer is easier than you could imagine and we suppport all modern browsers.

Enterprise-level SMS Gateway

And the best part is that SMSit runs only enterprise level server applications by partnering with the biggest names in the business that enables us to operate a relibale SMS service with an 99.9% uptime guarantee, and a 100% carrier delivery guarantee; so you can be assured your messages are delivered on time everytime - whilst also complying with Australian SMS laws.

Create Segmented Marketing Lists

Upload your contact list using a .CSV file.

Create as many contact lists as you like segmented by location, age group, interest - or any other variable you prefer; to maximise the repsonse to your SMS campaign.

Upload, export and manage your SMS contact lists with ease, or easily add a form to your website so your customers can subscribe to your SMS list.

Create Segmented Marketing Lists

Personalised SMS Messages

Customise the SMS messages using variables such as a name, member number, or other info.

Specify unique custom fields from your SMSit contact list that can be inserted into each delivered message; so you can personalise each SMS with the recipients name - or any other required variable.

Send customers special offers; billing reminders; order updates; discounts and coupons; or a link to your website.

Personalise Your SMS Messages

Schedule SMS Messages

Choose an ideal time for SMS delivery

Schedule SMS delivery to be sent at an ideal time to maximise the campaign response; ideal for billing reminders, order updates, or SMS marketing or to automate or schedule repetitive tasks.

Access comprehensive reporting tools including delivered messages; pending; bounced messages; responses; opt outs - and link hits.

Unique Trackable Links

Measure SMS campaign link-hits

Use trackable links to run promotions, voting systems & polls, deliver coupons and more - or use SMS keywords to engage with customers.

Track reponses via our reporting portal to view recipients that have clicked the link in your message.

Shorten URL's to save SMS character count.

Unique Trackable Links

Two-way SMS Messaging

Receive replies from your SMS campaigns

Receive replies from your SMS campaign via either a virtual phone number, keyword marketing responses, or receive replies directly to your mobile phone.

Forward responses to your email for instant engagement using 2-way SMS.

Best of all, you only pay for the outbound messages.

Two-way SMS Messaging

Boost Sales. Increase Customer Satisfaction. Streamline Your Business.

It's been proven over and over that SMS messaging is the most efficient way to reach your customers in a non-intrusive manner.

Because most people have access to the messaging feature on their phones no matter where they are.