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Fastest Way to Send SMS Messages Online

Our Quick SMS feature is the ideal tool to send SMS messages for appointment reminders, marketing & promotions, staff notifications, sporting clubs alerts - with just a few clicks. And it's even easier than sending an email.

  • Easy to Use Interface with Loads of Features

    The SMSit console is intuitive, feature rich, and easy to use; so you can be sending text messages in just minutes.

  • Average SMS Delivery ... 4.2 seconds

    Compatible with all modern browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Internet Explorer from a desktop or laptop.

  • Create Reusable SMS Templates
  • Custom Sender ID Option
  • Schedule SMS for Timely Delivery
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Send Text Messages from any Computer

Sending SMS to manage your customers, staff or workforce is going to be one of the smartest decisions you've ever made when it comes to organising your daily schedule; and our Quick SMS feature is ideal for appointment reminders, SMS marketing, lead generation, notifications, or event marketing.

Easy to Use SMS Interface:

Quick SMS is an app type known as a Bookmarklet. This is basically a bookmark in your web browser that when clicked launches a window at any time where you can send single or multiple SMS instantly. The bookmarklet is authorised when it is installed so you don’t need to login.

Quick SMS

Just Type, Click, & Send

Send SMS messages in just seconds!

Just click the Quick SMS link on your browser toolbar; choose the SMS recipients; type the message (or select an SMS template); and set the message to be sent immediately or as a reminder at a later date.

It takes just seconds to install, and once you use it, you won’t know how you lived without it!

Packed with loads of cool features

Fast access to Quick SMS whenever you need it!

Customise your sender ID with easy to use options, and access your favourite contacts with the ability to upload a contact list via CSV file.

Create SMS templates and schedule messages for reminders and notifications to remind customers of upcoming appointments or to schedule work sheets for your staff. Just set the time and date that your text message should be sent and send.

Complete tutorial and help files are available.

Packed with loads of cool features

Reduce missed appointments

Missed appointments can cost your business both time and money!

Stay in touch with your customers and staff with our Quick SMS reminder feature.

Make everyday life easier by sending SMS messages to remind customers of upcoming appointments; delivery updates; or to even notify your customers of specials, promotions, and events.

It’s the easiest way to send SMS online!

SMS reminders

Multi-User Access

You control who uses the SMSit service

Add team members to your account with ease, and control who has access to SMSit within your organisation.

Simply add the new users name, email address, and mobile number to provide staff members with immediate access to your SMSit account.

SMS Promotions

Compatible with all modern browsers

Brave, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and Explorer

The SMS bookmarklet can be easily accessed from all modern browsers including Google Chrome, Brave, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Explorer through a simple drag and drop installation.

It takes just seconds to install, and once you use it, you won’t know how you lived without it!

Available for the following modern browsers

How to Install the Quick SMS Bookmarklet to your Browser

Installation is as simple as dragging the Quick SMS button to your Bookmarks Toolbar. Once installed you will not need to login to your account to activate the Quick SMS App.

Fast and easy SMS is always just one click away.

Step 1:

Login to SMSit

Login to your SMSit account and click the ‘messaging’ option to access the bookmarklet.

Login to SMSit

Step 2:

Click the Quick SMS tab

Follow the instructions and drag the “Quick SMS” link to your web browser bookmarks toolbar.

Click the Quick SMS tab

Step 3:

You're ready to go!

Click the new link in your favourites toolbar and you are ready to send and schedule SMS.

You're ready to go!

Create a free SMSit account now!

Fast and reliable SMS is just a few clicks away.

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