Our Commitment to You and Your Business

SMSit has extremely high standards when it comes to the reliability and connectivity of our services. We exist purely to deliver your messages whenever and wherever you need, and we stand by our ability to deliver on this commitment. Our honesty and transparency about our service commitments & guarantees has been one of the underlying factors for our success.

Loose promises are one thing: commitment, transparency and delivery are entirely another. As a part of our transparency, SMSit publishes the historical averages of our service delivery. You can see what we have delivered to our valued clients over the years, and can see why we have earned our place amongst the top messaging companies in our operating regions.

We honestly and comfortably believe you won’t have any issues with inconsistent outages or experience access problems with the SMSit platform, and to help deliver on our commitments, we run with the following infrastructure & procedures to ensure our service is always available when you need it:

  • Use of only Fully redundant tier 1 data centres.
  • Multiple local & international provider connections for connectivity redundancy.
  • Smart queuing technology to ensure Automatic failover & dynamic gateway routing.
  • 24/7/365 live monitoring of all services.
  • Load balancing of all servers & services.
  • Ongoing Latency testing of all of systems & infrastructure.

Service Level Commitments

We will provide our Services to you under the condition that you are submitting and receiving SMS messages in accordance with our specifications, provided to you through our Web Portal, Bookmarklet, Email to SMS & API documentation; and

Anything outside the examples above doesn’t equal permission in our eyes, but here are some examples to make sure we’re crystal clear. By using SMSit, you agree not to import or send to any mobile number which:

We fully commit to ensuring that:

  • Our average monthly platform uptime is under 99.95%.
  • Our average single SMS delivery time is under 10 seconds.
  • Our minimum SMS Throughput is above 5,000 SMS per minute. (For higher throughput and dedicated connections, contact us.)

For full transparency we update & publish our historical service level performance stats on a periodic basis.

Service Level Guarantees

We guarantee that:

  • All messages submitted to us will be submitted to the recipients carrier. We will provide a refund for any messages not submitted to a recipients carrier. (All customers)
  • Monthly platform uptime will be above 99.95%. If SMSit monthly platform downtime is above 0.05%, and this results in a material and direct business impact, we will provide a refund of your Premium Support monthly fees. (Premium Support customers only)

Support Commitments

Service Failure Life-cycle:

  • Should you experience any problems with our services, you must report the failure directly to us as soon as possible.
  • As soon as we receive any reported downtime from you, we will perform an initial investigation and respond to you with our findings: (a) advising whether or not we can identify a failure resulting from the SMSit platform; (b) and if the failure is found to be within the SMSit platform, we will advise of the severity of the failure and the time estimated to rectify it.
  • SMS will use all reasonable measures to rectify any failure in accordance with our failure correction times as detailed in Priority & Response Times: A failure will only be considered rectified once we determine that the failure has been fixed and we have let you know.
  • If we determine that a failure has occurred because of the network operator failing to send or receive SMS messages, we will work with the relevant network operator to correct any problems encountered by their platform.

Support Availability:

Standard Support Customers : Standard Business Hours (9am-5pm in your region.)

Premium Support Customers: 24/7.

Support Channels:


(a) Via Ticket Submission @ http://www.smsit.com.au/contact/

(b) Via Email to help info@smsit.com.au

Site Chat:

Please visit the SMSit website. Site chat box located on bottom right of screen.

Phone: AU: 0422 759 940

Email: info [at] smsit.com.au

During high support times if we are unable to answer your calls directly and you are required to leave a message with our answering service, we promise to return your phone call as a matter of priority.

Premium Support customers are provided with our direct after regional hours support channels. No matter what the time we will provide you with a personal response to all queries and instant investigation of all issues. We will use all reasonable measures to respond to you in relation to a reported failure within the response time (detailed below):

Priority & Response Times:

Please note the following failure report classification, response times and estimated fix times.


A fault is causing your details or information to be partially inaccurate, or non-messaging related website bugs. This has no significant impact on your service and/or performance, and/or workaround is available. Response time; 24 hours Estimated resolution time up to 7 days.


A fault is providing some general platform operational problems, or messaging delay problems, and preventing any form of reasonable workaround. Response: Same Day; Estimated Resolution time 24 hours.


A fault causing either full downtime of our platform or our messaging connectivity. Response time: Immediate. Resolution time: As soon as possible.

Scheduled Maintenance

In order for us to provide you with the best services possible there will be, from time to time, short periods of unavailability to allow us to conduct essential maintenance on our systems, servers and platforms. When such a scheduled maintenance is required, we will ensure we provide you with at least 48 hours notice, and;

  • We promise to conduct any maintenance required in a manner that will minimise any potentially adverse impact upon our ability to provide services.
  • Where we expect any maintenance may have an adverse effect on our ability to provide you with our services, we will use all reasonable measures to perform the maintenance between the hours of 10.00 pm and 6.00 am local regional time.
  • In the event that we are required to undertake un-scheduled maintenance, SMSit will provide you with as much notice as we are reasonably able to provide, detailing: (a) the expected duration of the un-scheduled maintenance (b) the likelihood of any adverse effect such unscheduled maintenance may have on our services


If you believe our services are not operating in the way we have promised in 3.2, whether you are a Standard or Premium Support customer, you must notify us of the failure at info@smsit.com.au as soon as possible.

7. Changes from time to time

By using our SMS services, you agree to accept the provisions of our service level agreement. SMSit reserves the right to change or alter this service level agreement from time to time, providing prior notice is given to all our customers.

8. Definitions

Uptime: is the accessibility of Our SMS platform which is used to provide you with the with our services, excluding any planned scheduled maintenance. Response time is the time in which we will respond when you report a failure within any of our services

Platform: is the SMSit application and associated systems and network connections, that are owned and controlled by SMSit and are used to provide our Services.

Scheduled Maintenance: is any essential maintenance that SMSit undertakes on our own platform, for which we will provide you with at least 48 hours notice.

Un-Scheduled Maintenance: is any essential maintenance that SMSit undertakes on our own platform, for which we cannot provide you with at least 48 hours notice.

Downtime: is the unexpected unavailability of our services to you. This does not include any issues or service faults from the telecommunication carriers themselves.

Services: are all the various services SMSit offers to customers, including our Web SMS, Email to SMS, Bookmarklet SMS and SMS API products.

Standard Support: Refers to the support levels for our PAYG clients, no support fee.

Premier Support: Refers to customers paying the Premium monthly support fee.