SMS increases staff productivity & customer satisfaction

Sending SMS messages is a great way to keep in touch with your customers, staff, and colleagues, and is a cost effective means of communicating – saving you not only money, but time.

In addition, sending an SMS is also far less intrusive than calling staff or customers, who could potentially be in meetings, repairing equipment, driving a motor vehicle, etc.

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Here are some ways you can use SMS messaging for your business:

● SMS reminders to staff and customers

● Send order status alerts

● Manage events & promotions

● Start an SMS Competition

● Build a list of customers for SMS marketing

● Two Factor Authentication

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Stay in touch with your customers with text messaging

Staying in touch with customers is not easy especially when you consider all the available mediums today. You can call, email, send direct mail or try and reach them through various forms of advertising but nothing is more effective and instantaneous than sending an SMS message.

When you send a customer an SMS you can interact directly with the customer and offer time responsive offers for specials or promotions that you cannot do with other forms of media. Let’s use telemarketing as an example. When you call someone with a special offer or a great deal, most people see this as intrusive marketing.

Sending SMS to your customers is the smart choice when you want to reach your customers. It’s fast, personal and less intrusive as customers can respond to your SMS message when they are available.

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Keep your staff organised with SMS messaging

Sending SMS to manage your staff or workforce is going to be one of the smartest decisions you have ever made when it comes to organising your schedule.

Picture this scenario: You run a plumbing business and the normal routine is to call or SMS the next days jobs from your phone. Let’s make things easier in an instant.

Firstly typing your SMS messages on your computer is about 10 times easier than using a mobile phone. Yes, I agree, phones are smart these days but those keypads are still very small and fumbly.

There is an easier way when you use SMSit. Just select the contact(s), type the message and hit send to immediately allocate jobs, meetings, or reminders to your customers or workforce.

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