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Receive Inbound Text Messages with a Virtual Mobile Number

Sometimes referred to as SMS response numbers, virtual numbers are just like a normal mobile number; but they can only receive text messages. Use them for email to SMS; keyword marketing & SMS campaign replies - plus more.

  • Engage your customers with 2-Way SMS

    Buy gold numbers with triple combinations for memorability in radio and TV campaigns.

  • Memorable Gold NUmbers Available

    Search for a specific number that spells a word or a particular combination of numbers you want.

Engage your Customers with 2-way SMS Messaging

Dedicated Virtual Numbers allow you to engage with your customers

Sending out SMS campaigns is one thing, but SMS is also very good at communicating and building relationships one to one. Using 2-way SMS with a dedicated virtual number makes it easy to continue conversations with prospects that have responded to your campaigns and your sales people can engage with a lead immediately with a simple email response.

Client Sends an SMS to Your Virtual Number

Reach prospective clients 24/7.

A couple is driving around their favourite suburb on a Sunday afternoon looking at properties for sale.

They come across a charming house for sale and are immediaely interested by its potential.

On the sign outside is your dedicated virtual number with an SMS keyword; and they send a text message to the number displayed to receive more info.


Client Receives a Reply - Instantly

"Ting". New message received!

Within seconds, they receive an SMS reply that contains a link to a mobile optimised listing page - with photos; a video of the interior of the property; and the agent's contact info.

Your potential client now has immediate access to more info including specifications; the market price; and other information about the property - including open inpection availability or the auction date.

Step 2

Agent Receives a Notification

Use our dedicated mobile numbers to send SMS to your customers.

At the same time, the agent is at home checking emails and receives an alert from the SMSit system advising him that somebody has expressed interest in the property.

The agent can now respond directly to the new customer enquiry.


Agent Responds to the SMS Enquiry

Agent adds prospective customers details to his potential client list

The agent responds and includes his personal contact details together with a courtesy and personalised reply; allowing the lead to engage with him directly - if they wish to do so.

All by using a dedicated virtual mobile number and our Email-to-SMS service in a fluent 2-way conversation.

Step 2

Fast &, Easy Set Up

No setup lead time - or application process. Simply choose from our available selection of dedicated virtual numbers. You can be up and running in just a few minutes.

Gold Numbers

Buy memorable gold numbers with triple combinations for memorability in radio and TV campaigns. Search for a specific number or a particular combination.

Automated SMS

With a dedicated number you can setup campaign response automation. Ask for keyword responses, forward to sales teams, process opt-outs and more.

No Commitment

No long-term commitments. No contracts. No hassles. Just purchase a dedicated virtual number and use as required. Cancel whenever you like.